450mm Double Winding Slitting MillNew

用途 Application


This machine is suitable for applied to slit the metal belt longitudinally and wind the siltted strips. This machine is operated easily. It can slit in high quality and has high material utilization rate.

主要技術參數 Main technical parameters

剪切帶料厚度 Belt slitting thickness                               0.1mm~1.0mm

剪切寬度 Slitting width                                                     Max450mm

原料外徑 Raw material OD                                               MaxΦ800mm

原料卷內徑 Raw material ID                              Φ250mm~Φ510mm (加增徑板 add the diameter increasing plate)

原料卷重量 Raw material reel weight                               Max1000KG

剪切寬度 Slitted strip width                        Min5mm(0.8mm以下 thickness is less than 0.8mm)

刀具尺寸 Blade size                                              Φ80mm×Φ160mm×B 

切割速度 Slitting speed    1                                              0m~60m/min

切割條數 Slitting strips                           12條strips(0.8mm以下考核 based on less than 0.8mm)

剪切精度 Slitting precision                                        寬度 width ±0.05mm 

鐮刀彎 Camber                                                             ≤1mm/M

收卷內徑 Take-up ID                      Φ250mm (卷筒可手動漲縮 manual swelling and shrinking)

收卷外徑 Take-up OD                                            Φ700mm (Max)

剪切電機 Motor for slitting                                     AC motor 4KW

收卷電機 Take-up motor:                                     AC motor 5.5KW

設備凈重 Machine Net. weight                               about4500KG 

設備尺寸 Machine dimension           長 length 6500mm×寬 width 2500mm×高 height 1800mm