P74009/ZF 型紅外焦平面探測器自動粘片機

P74009/ZF  Infrared Focal Plane Detector Automatic Die Bonder

玻璃基板尺寸 Glass base plate size3″/4″/6″,厚度 thickness 4mm~7mm
晶片材料 Crystal chip material碲鋅鎘、銻化銦 CdZnTe、 InSn
晶片尺寸 Crystal chip size規則晶片 Regular crystal chip 3×10mm(Min)80×80mm(Max)
不規則晶片 Irregular crystal chip(圓弧直徑 Arc diameter)≤120mm
加熱溫度 Heating temperature25℃~80℃(可定可調 adjustable)
陪邊 Edge規則晶片要有陪邊: 4 條,寬度 4mm
The regular crystal chip with edges: 4, thickness 4mm
陪邊要求 Edge requirement100 倍放大鏡檢測下人工輔助完成無明顯縫隙拼接
Accomplish no obvious gap splicing manually under the test by 100 times magnifying glass
Application: the automatic die bonder is mainly used to bond CdZnTe and InSn Infrared crystal chip automatically.
The crystal chip surface is parallel with the base plate surface. Tolerance≤2μm (Flatness of the crystal chip and the base plate ≤2μm) 
粘接完固化采用常溫自然冷卻 solidification after bonding uses natural cooling in normal temperature
The equipment composition: the base, material feeding mechanism, grab mechanism, wax dripping mechanism, rotary chip stage, extruding mechanism, unloading mechanism, 3D platform, marble table, material discharging position, protection door cover and electrical control system etc.