J7017 Ⅱ/ZF 1700mm 光學膜分切機

J7017 Ⅱ/ZF 1700mm Optical Film Slitting Machine

名稱 NameJ7017 Ⅱ/ZF 1700mm 光學膜分切機
J7017 Ⅱ/ZF 1700mm Optical film slitting machine
原料卷直徑 Diameter of the raw material rollMax. Φ700mm
原料卷寬度 Width of the raw material rollMax.1700mm
原料卷內徑 ID of the raw material roll3′,6′
原料厚度 Thickness of the raw material0.02-0.35mm
分切條寬度 Slitting width of the stripsMin. 300mm
收卷直徑 Diameter of windingMax. Φ600mm
收卷軸直徑 Diameter of the take-up reel3′,6′
分切速度 Slitting speed20m/min
切割方式 Slitting modeAir knife
收卷方式 Winding modeCenter drive; synchronous take-up of the upper and lower groups
邊料寬度 Width of the rim charge10-20mm
邊料收卷直徑 Winding diameter of the rim chargeΦ400mm (spiral winding)
電源 Power supplyThree-phase 380V ±10%, 50Hz,20kw
外形尺寸 Overall size4200mm*3200mm*2100mm
選配件 Optional accessory料卷裝卸車 Material roll loader